Intercultural Integration Counselling and Art Therapy

About me


My name is Rocco Ancarola, Born in Calvello on 1959 in Italy. An important aspect of my life is having lived in different cultures and countries. My childhood was spent in Italy, Switzerland and Australia, and presently living in Holland since 1996. Having migrated five times between four countries and two continents I understand what it means to live in other cultures.  At an early age I had to learn to adapt mostly without the proper support. Over the years I developed a personal interest in the many effects of migration on our sense of being, both positive and negative. Our purpose is to harness all the experiences so they can have a positive transformative effect in our lives. 


My own personal life experiences and circumstances led me to study Counselling, supplented later with a study in Art Therapy in which I acquired a diploma at Academie De Wervel in Driebergen-Zeist and later a Bachelor of Arts at Hogeschool Leiden in The Netherlands. 


I speak fluent English, Dutch and Italian.