Intercultural Integration Counselling and Art Therapy


My field is mainly counselling people who are migrants, children of migrants, foreign students, expats and refugees experiencing difficulties in life that could originate from  having to integrate into a society that is different to ones own culture. Migrating to a new country poses many challenges at all levels of our being.

We often underestimate how living in another culture can weaken us at our deepest core of being, the sense of self. One of the most obvious reasons is language. Language is the most influential factor effecting relationships and a sense of well being. Sometimes described as foreign language anxiety. Different habbits and norms can also form barriers to integrations, assimilation and healthy relationships. Integrating with cultural norms that are perhaps against ones own cultural ethical and even moral noms can lead to a sense of isolation en even effect ones  mental health depending on what kind of support one has around them. 

Our purpose is to become aware, understand  and harness all the experiences so they can have a positive transformative effect in our lives.  

I try to keep the cost to you as low as possible as I understand costs can be a barrier to asking for assistance.